Work with Me

Coming Soon!

Empowerment Coaching

Suffering from writer’s block? Terrified of being seen? Crippled by perfectionism? You are definitely not alone, and if you want to work through it, I want to help. I’m hard at work on my coaching certificate so that I can help writers deal with the non-writing related stuff getting in their way of success. Stay tuned if this looks like your cup of tea leaves. My vision is to offer 1:1 coaching in the summer of 2018. 

Educational Programs

I’ll will soon be offering creative writing classes, workshops, and seminars, both online and locally. I work primarily with women and older teens. If you’re in Maine, and you’d be interested in having me come do a program in your community, please reach out with to me through the Contact page with information about what you’re looking for and where I can reach you.