Moon Journals

July 8-9, 2017 Full Moon in Capricorn

Hi all,

The full moon in Capricorn is an industrious one. Since Capricorn is all about work and pushing ahead, and the full moon is all about evaluation and release, these next two weeks should be a good time for us to take a closer look at what’s holding us back from our goals.

If you’ve read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, you’re familiar with the idea of resistance. Resistance is the common name for all of the million ways we get in our own way, and Pressfield’s advice is, essentially, to call ourselves on our own bullshit and do the thing already. It’s a very motivating book, and I highly recommend it if you need a good kick in the pants. However, I do think it’s a little oversimplified. It’s one thing to recognize that we’re tripping ourselves up and to own it, and it’s a complete other thing to commit to cleaning that up rather than just shoving it down and ignoring it. Because ignoring our problems doesn’t make them go away. The only thing that makes them go away is figuring out WHY and dealing with THAT.

If you have writer’s block, it’s not always about the writing. Sometimes your writer’s block has two legs and calls you “honey.” In that case, you don’t have a writing issue, you have a relationship issue. And SURPRISE, your relationship issue is very likely a YOU issue. (In some cases, it’s a “them” issue, but even then, there’s always a portion you own, and that is the fact that you tolerate the behavior.) If you just force your way through something like this without examining the pieces, the problem will not heal or transform one bit.

This Capricorn moon is a perfect time to examine your greatest resistance to the number one goal you decided to push forward on this year at this past new moon. Use your meditation to clear your mind and center yourself. And then let’s journal together about what’s holding us back and how we can own it and begin to heal ourselves.

To journal with us, just search for The Arachne Project Moon Journal Circle on Facebook. Each month at the new and full moons, I post journal prompts and we hold space for each other’s intentions.

Full moon blessings,


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