Edwin Levine, You Set My Heart on Fire

Linda Howard Award of Excellence in Young Adult Fiction

bookAbout the book:
Jennifer never really minded being best friend Cece’s “wing woman” until now.  As Jen gives up the only guy she’s ever really had feelings for, so that Cece can have him, she can’t help but wonder what it would be like to stand up to Cece and be her own person for once in her life. And that’s when Jen’s path crosses with Edwin Levine, the sexy felon everyone (especially Cece) loves to hate.

Powerful, charismatic, and unbending, Edwin is everything Jen wishes she had the guts to be, and when he makes it clear he’d like to be seen with her, she has her own reasons for wanting the same. As Jen indulges her wild side, diving headlong into a passionate fling with Edwin, she soon sees that under his tough exterior lies a wounded impulsive little boy – one she wants to believe she can heal with her love and support.  But while Edwin seems more than willing to turn over a new leaf, a crime spree springs up right in Jen’s neighborhood, and her new confidence begins to crumble as she realizes she could lose everything: her friends, her parents’ trust, her integrity, and maybe even her life.  According to Cece’s police officer father, Edwin is the number-one suspect, and though Jen’s instinct is to defend him, she must admit she has no idea if he’s really as innocent as he claims, or if she’s just fallen for his con like Cece said she would.