Welcome to my About page.

I never know what to say here. Isn’t that why we resort to a LIST?

Wife. Mother. Sister. Friend. Writer. Priestess. Plant Killer.

All me.

The short story is that I write fiction, poetry, and essays. But I never was any good at “short” stories. I’m the long winded type. The one you share a room with at a writing conference and talk to until four a.m. when you have one of those hateful oh-my-gad-it’s-the-entire-reason-I-came-to-this-stupid-thing seminars at eight.

(I’m also the one who hits the snooze alarm six times, pulls the fluffy hotel pillow over her head, and pretends not to notice that you can’t find your room key. But I make up for it with some excellent pillow talk.)

So anyway. Who am I? What is this blog ABOUT?

Well, I’m a writer. I’m a graduate of the Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing program at the University of Southern Maine. (That always a mouthful.) While there, I studied popular fiction–specifically young adult literature–and creative writing pedagogy.

So, naturally, this blog is about writing. And life. And the writing life. Because no one ever said the writing life was easy, but also no one really talks about the real reasons why it’s so dang hard. I’m mean, yes, rough drafts are crap and revisions are hell, and we all complain about writer’s block. And every writer has some version of “put your buns in your chair and just write” advice to offer to noobs. (Which we share for the same reason we keep workshopping. Because we were all noobs once, and that was what we were told to do. And it’s not such terrible advice, but it’s also not the best for everyone. Not sitting down is not the only reason you can’t write. Reasons you can’t write often have names. And two or four legs. Hopefully not eight, but flipflops were made for this problem. Pets and kids do need things from you. They really do. And sitting on them so you can “just write” is uncomfortable. Not to mention mean.) Writer’s block is one of my biggest interests because I have struggled with the two-legged kind SO MUCH. I believe that we can do better than “put your buns in the chair and just write.” That’s a good habit. But I think a good writing life really starts with good self-care. And from there, it’s about designing a life that supports your writing, by saying yes to things that feed your inner light, and saying no to things that snuff it out.

It’s not about copying someone else’s way, it’s about doing it your way.

But first, you have to figure out what your way is.

It turns out my way involves a lot of caffeinated beverages. Sometimes wine, but only after I’ve written some legit pages for the day or when having pillow talk at a writing conference. Other things I believe in? Divine guidance and meditation (and naps, hey, I’m pretty down to earth). Moon Journaling. Walks with my dog. BFF time. Housework (I’m kinda weird in that I find housework very zen, huh? But that doesn’t mean I enjoy toilets or windows or that my house is spotless. I have standards AND limits.) I also make time for other creative outlets (but beware, this can be a trap for some people-there may be a blog post about this). I make beaded jewelry and bookmarks, which you can find on my Etsy shop. And one of my most favorite places to be is hiking in the mountains of Maine. It’s so pretty!

Thanks for visiting!